Having offered Cherish to young women for many years, Courage has been launched as the equivalent program for boys and young men! There is a Courage manual, which is formatted exactly like the Cherish manual, though relevant for males. A Life Worth Living can be used with either male or female groups, though it is recommended that the groups are single gender. So there is plenty for the boys to get involved with!

Courage groups provide an invaluable opportunity for young men to speak about relationships and matters that concern them. With so many growing up either without a father, or with an absent father, Courage can provide a platform for Godly men to invest deeply in the lives of young men who might otherwise lack a strong, loving, Godly role model.

All the information in this site related to Cherish is also relevant to the men. If you are interested in either facilitating or participating in a Courage group, we’d love to hear from you!