*A Life Worth Living has been launched!*
This is a story that follows the lives of a young couple as they begin dating. As single gender groups of young people work through this story and discussion questions, they learn about God’s heart for relationships, the power of forgiveness, HIV, and how to live a pure life. A Life Worth Living may be used instead of, or in conjunction with the original Cherish and Courage manuals.

*50 students from 3 high schools in Johannesburg recently participated in Cherish & Courage groups, using A Life Worth Living!*
A small team of faithful facilitators invested many hours in prayer, preparation and group time with these precious young people. There was great discussion, deep heart sharing, and much laughter, culminating in lots of wonderful stories of changed lives!

*Courage has been launched*
Since the launch of Courage (click here for more info link to new Courage tab) male facilitators have been trained alongside women in Mossel Bay, Swaziland, Zambia and Johannesburg. We area eagerly awaiting the reports from the boys who participate in Courage groups.


Camp Fire

Swaziland Leadership Training

Teaching Session at Camp

Experiencing Forgiveness

Newly trained young Cherish facilitators, Cosmo City, South Africa

Learning Through Role Play

Fun and Games

High School Cherish Graduates, Johannesburg

Discussion Group

Cherish Graduates, Maseru, Lesotho

Praying for Each Other