TRANSFORM: Cherish exists to introduce young women to the transformational power of God’s love.
Transformation occurs as young women discover there is hope for them, whatever their past experiences have been. As they encounter the love and forgiveness of God, a foundation is laid that equips them to form healthy relationships, and to live with integrity, and without shame.

EMPOWER: Cherish exists to empower young women to live free of HIV/AIDS, and to embrace their God-given destiny.
A Biblical approach to sexuality and relationships is taught and modeled through Cherish. The goal is that in finding a true sense of value, young people will be empowered to make relationship choices that are healthy for themselves and others. For those who have made choices they regret, hope and access to true restoration are given.

CREATE: Cherish exists to create movements of young women who are secure in their identity, live with character and integrity, and who have a positive impact on those around them.
As young women experience the transforming power of God’s love and value, they are encouraged to live with integrity, caring for those around them. They are equipped to share the skills and values they have learned with their communities. Hope for transformation is shared through peer support, community action and leadership training programs, resulting in community transformation.

It is expected that participation in the Cherish study will facilitate for growth in individuals in the following areas:

Cherish began in South Africa in 2007, as a simple study understanding of the needs of young women in South Africa. Many young people in South African (and the world!) have a pipe dream for the future, yet lack the basic belief in their own worth to propel them into these dreams. The absence of mentoring relationships and Godly adult role models has left many young women confused about their identity and worth. False beliefs about the character and ways of God cause young people to fear God in a way that prevents relationship with Him.

Cherish began in South Africa in 2007, as a simple study and discussion group to equip and inspire young women to live pure lives. HIV/AIDS and teenage pregnancy are very real problems in the lives of many young women in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Cherish study was developed as a means of bringing value and dignity to young women, assisting them to build healthy friendships and make positive life choices.

As scores of young women participated in the Cherish study in Africa, it became clear that so much more than the eight session Cherish Study was needed. Through relationships with the Cherish girls, other Cherish activities have developed, such as Cherish Camps which provide a fun learning environment, longer-term discipleship groups which help girls continue to grow in faith and character, and training programs for new Cherish facilitators.

Cherish is a ministry of Hope4Africa. For more info about H4A please click here